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Plans for a Magnetic Electrical Generator

By: Joshua Mintz

Magnetic Electrical Generators - The Unique Green Energy

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I will explain different aspect's of the magnetic electrical generator, like:

  • How magnetic electrical generator's work
  • Why magnetic generator's are better than other green/alternative energy source's
  • Where to get the actual Magnetic Electrical Generator plans
  • A review of the magnetic generator plans
  • Real proof that magnetic electrical generator's work

Regardless of why your here - whether you are interested in getting your own plans for a magnetic electrical generator, or if you are just checking out the different green/alternative energy source's - it's great that people are considering these safer , cheaper energy source's. And I will do my best to give you an honest and complete review of magnetic energy and the plans for a magnetic electrical generator.

Plans For A Magnetic Electrical Generator

What is Magnetic Energy and How Does it Work?

First of all, the energy that is used with a magnetic generator, is simply a by-product of the perpetual motion generator that is actually created FROM the magnet's. Perpetual motion be any device or machine that can work infinitely, without any outside help. So during perpetual motion, there is actually energy that is being created. And magnetic generator's use and harness this extra energy by displacing it into electrical energy. Simply speaking, this extra energy is what is being used to generate your refrigerator or Television set. All the magnetic electrical generator does is create a way to use the energy and send it to our home's.

What Separates Magnetic Electrical Generators from Other Green Energy Sources

For many people, this is really what will make the differnce between using Solar, Wind, or Magnetic energy. And for me personally, I started with Solar Panel's -at the time I was sure that this was it. Not only did I feel very independant, but I though that Solar Panel's would surely be the future of energy.

And I still belive that they will play a huge part in our future. But there are some benefit's of magnetic electrical generator's that caused me to examine my thinking and eventually begin the building of my own Magnetic Electrical Generator.

Here is what separate's the magnetic energy generator from all other alternative energy source's:

  1. Magnetic Electrical Generator's work during any weather.
  2. They need NO ouside energy source -No Sun. No Wind.
  3. The actual magnetic generator takes much less space than panels or turbines.
  4. The parts are found locally, so replacement parts are easily found -meaning you will never be stuck in the "dark" if anything was to go wrong.
  5. From start to finish, the Magnetic generator will cost less and provide more energy.

And you will no doubt find more great benefit's while using Magnetic electrical generator's. And in case you are interested in the amount of energy provided by magnetic generator's - a normal generator built using the average plans for a magnetic electrical generator has provided an average of between 40%-50% of the energy needed to power a normal size house. Of course it all depend's on the home, the family size and everyday usage.

Plans For A Magnetic Electrical Generator
The actual plans for a magnetic generator , simply use the already studied , scientific , knowledge of magnetized perpetual motion generator and energy. Not only that, but there are many who have created these Magnetic electrical generators. There is a news story, and you can find the video footage by following the link below.
The news story show's a man and his own personal magnetic generator. The proof that plans for a magnetic electrical generator is shown in the footagem but it is also shown in the many studies that have been done on magnetic energy and the generator's used to produce this energy. From regular energy expert's to the green energy expert's with real government grants - the fact's are in and magnetic electrical generator's do work.


Where you can get Your Own Plans for a Magnetic Electrical Generator

Basically, there is only one program that provide's the actual plan's used by professional's and energy expert's to create real Magnetic Electrical Generator's.I am sure there are some second hand plans or other generic magnetic generator plans out there somewhere. But as of now I have not come across any of them.

I would though, recommend using these Magniwork Generator plan's:

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Plans For A Magnetic Electrical Generator Also - Check out the News story and the Actual Video Footage as well.

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