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Build Magnetic Electric Generator Immediately

Before It Is Blocked

Author: M Larry

A magnetic electric generator is a machine that is used to generate electric power for your home by using the power of magnets. As all we know the magnets will create polar force on metal and on each other according to their polarity and it is the cause to make the metal repulse or attract the others. So, this magnet force is used to rotate the shaft in the magnetic electric generator, and shaft will be fixed to a turbine that will generate free electric power.


The magnetic electric generator system is accompanied by a power inverter that will turn the current into AC for supplying current to your mains power supply. When the device is not running the system stores the power on a set of batteries for a back up.

Magnetic electric generator uses the magnet force to generate free electricity. The magnetic generator works depend on the magnet force that means it can run without stopping and generate more and more electricity. So it makes them different from any other alternative energy systems, such as solar panels or wind turbines that cannot work without sun and wind.

This technique- magnetic electric generator has been used long time ago in the European factories, but it has been hidden more than 30 years in our countries by..?...I think you know who I mean? The electric power companies get your money a lot per month, $400, $600 or $1,000 for someone. Then it is good for them if we do not know the magnetic electric generator that can save our money 50or more.

Imagine, if you build the magnetic electric generator yourself and install it in your home, you may save your power bill $200-$300 in the first month, and $3,000-$4,000 in the first year and $40,000 in the next 10 years. And you can sell your electric power to the Local Power Companies if you can generate it more than you consume.


Magnetic electric generator uses a simple magnetic field technology (controversial though) what makes it probably the most cost effective power source. So it is very easy to build a magnetic electric generator yourself even you do not have any experience in electrical work.

How to build a magnetic electric generator?

Firstly, you have to get a reliable manual that is easily found on internet (or visit my website). Its price is just about $50.

Secondly, learn and follow the manual, buy some electric parts from the general electric shop (cost about $60-$100), assemble them follow the manual.

Thirdly, install your magnetic electric generator into your electric system (it is so easy, just do follow the manual).

Finally, enjoy when you see the next power bill and use the remained money for new shirt, buy seafood or toys for your kids.

Do not wait till this technology will be hidden again, the manual name 'Magnets 4 Energy' was released 1 year ago and now there are someone try to block it and conceal it to the secret again.

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You might be shocked to find out that how simple it can be to cut costs on electrical power costs in your own home by opting a green base of Magnet home generator, that could not just help save your cash but you will save the world.

Visit: How to build a magnetic power generator yourself in a few hours.

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