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How Does a Magnetic Electricity Generator Work?

Author: Mr. Pom

The magnetic electricity generator has received so much negative comments but it is still standing firm. We are not sure if these criticisms are politically inspired by other companies that make devices that can harness alternative sources of energy. This machine is a serious threat to their business because this can provide more than what they offer. Since its release in 2002, the machine has received numerous negative remarks on how it is impossible to have a perpetual motion generator. Just to let you know, the magnetic electricity generator is not really perpetual. It's just that the machines can last up to 400 years and this was mistaken as a perpetual machine.


This kind of machine works because of magnets. There are three magnets that are placed in the machine. The two of these magnets oppose each other and this reaction causes the magnets to create a force field. The third magnet balances it out and the motor converts the force field into energy. The magnetic electricity generator can provide 7,000 watts of power and this should be enough to provide your entire household with power.  

Wind mills and solar panels can only provide so much energy but the magnetic electricity generator can power up 100% of your electricity needs. The only thing you have to worry about is gasoline and other forms of fuel like charcoal. In time, devices such as this will also be invented or modified to be able to power cars. 

Just imagine the amount of money you will be able to save if you have a magnetic electricity generator at home. You also will never experience power outages anymore since you rely on your own source of power. Al you need to do is to have the machine at home and if it breaks down or if it is time for maintenance, you can switch to the normal source of power for the meantime.


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